vendredi 20 juillet 2018

Spreading The Virus - Episode 108 (July 19, 2018)

Spreading The Virus - Episode 108 / Hosted by Bacteria on Infest-Station (July 19, 2018)

1. Intro - Spreading The Virus
2. Agathocles - Commence To Mince
3. Spazz - Snowcone Ribplate
4. Infest - True Violence
5. To The Point - Infected
6. Uzi Suicide - Cross Contamination 
7. Lack Of Interest - All That's Lost In Your Life, I'll Help You Find
8. Barge - Where's The Violence
9. Burt - Homegrown (Crossed Out Cover)
10. Get Destroyed - Subtle Hate
11. Sex Prisoner - Judgement
12. Abuse. - We're To Blame
13. Osk - Arm Yourself
14. Sickmark - Sick
15. Slave - Erode
16. Cave State - Dwell / Self Extinct
17. Cagedgrave - Glassed
18. Magnum Force - Giving Up
19. Sea Of Shit - Pedestal / Swallowed Whole
20. Gets Worse - No Remorse
21. Mangle - Weak Facade / Desolate Wade
22. Get Destroyed - Purge 
23. Connoisseur - No Dice
24. Sick/Tired - Zip Ties
25. Water Torture - Living Hell
26. Bridgeburner - Inhale//Exhale / Contaminate
27. Wound Man - Driffter
28. Sore Throat - Virus
29. Slag - Sick Tacks
30. Bloody Phoenix - Here At The End Of Everything
31. Sakatat - Truth Behind (Dropdead Cover)
32. Suffering Mind - World Of Confusion (Assuck Cover) / Obudzony
33. Death Toll 80k - False Comfort / Taught To Consume
34. Excruciating Terror - Don't Care Who You Are
35. P.L.F. - Wicked Strains Of Primeval Virus
36. Mesrine - Chris Benoit / One Time Killer
37. Dahmer - He's Blonde
38. Archagathus - Special Infection
39. Six Brew Bantha - Trampled To Death
40. Anal Cunt - Whiskey In The Morning (Buckcherry Cover)
41. Agathocles - Erase Your Face

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