jeudi 6 novembre 2014

Spreading The Virus - Episode 63 (November 05, 2014)

Spreading the Virus Episode 63 on Core of Destruction Radio - Hosted by Bacteria (November 05, 2014) Every wednesday on 5 pm EST -- 4 pm CST -- 3 pm MST -- 2 pm PST -- Brussels: 23:00  photo --------------viruss3_zps3f2d9791.jpg Featuring: Osk Bridgeburner Caged Grave Gets Worse Gunfinger Water Torture Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Hummingbird Of Death Infest Man Is The Bastard Mangle Siege Subsist Suffer Thedowngoing Vile Intent Spazz SS Decontrol Agathocles Powerxchuck Lycanthrophy Cancer Patient George Bitch Jr. Corruptbastards Savage Decayed Race Bufo Detroit Filthpact Suffering Mind Connoisseur And more

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